It’s not magic, but it’s something…

So, I take Barre classes most Saturdays at a great place called The Pink Studio (for any Toronto peeps it's new in the east end and their instructors rock!) and a couple of weeks ago, they brought in a lady by the name of Lee Godfrey whose a mindfulness, wellness and somatic coach to do … Continue reading It’s not magic, but it’s something…


Teaching one sad reality of adulting

A friend on Facebook posted an article with some vintage photos of girls in home ec classes from the 1920s to about the 50s, learning all the oh-so-important crap all good girls needed to know to be a good wife and mother. Go ahead, I'll wait while you go throw up. My elementary school taught … Continue reading Teaching one sad reality of adulting

Platitudes for fun and profit

Every illness, every passing, every lost job, lost fur baby, lost focus on life. Guaranteed your blog/Facebook/Twitter feed, whatever it is the cool kids are onto these days, there will be reams of these feel-good little fuckers littering your chat: "You're strong, you'll pull through" "Every closed-door leads to an open window" "You always find … Continue reading Platitudes for fun and profit